Why Colima?

Colima, capital of the small Mexican state of the same name, is a peaceful city. It is located in the western region of Mexico, near the Pacific coast, in a valley between two volcanoes: Volcán de Fuego, still active, and the Nevado de Colima, inactive and snowy. The “City of Palms” is covered by banana and coconut palms; also it has a pleasant climate throughout the year. It has been named one of the safest and most livable cities in Mexico.

It is perfectly communicated with Jalisco, Michoacán and the Pacific Ocean. In its narrow territory endless attractions and a wide range of beautiful places, like Villa de Alvarez, Comala, Suchitlán, Nevado de Colima National Park and Volcán de Fuego, Quesería, Tecoman, Manzanillo and beautiful beaches they are enclosed.

How do I get to your clinic if I am taking some vacations at Manzanillo?

The distance from Manzanillo to Colima City is about 98.5 km, Colima is very well connected to Manzanillo via bus or private transport and the estimated travel time is 1.5 hours.

Manzanillo Terminal Bus, also known as TAM, is located at the next address: Pacific Ocean Avenue 20, Colonia Valle de las Garzas. Among the main bus lines operating the route Manzanillo to Colima are ETN Luxury Turistar, Primera Plus, La Linea, etc.

When you make your first appointment, please tell us where you come from, so we can help you plan your trip. We have staff available and qualified to attend upon arrival and during their stay at Colima City.

How safe is Colima?

Colima is a very calm city and capital of the small Mexican state with the same name. Colima is located in western Mexico not far from the Pacific coast and is situated in a valley between two volcanoes, the active Volcán de Fuego and the dormant snow-capped Volcán Nevado de Colima. Called the “City of Palms,” Colima is dotted with banana and coconut palms and the weather in Colima is pleasant year-round. Colima has been named one of the safest and most livable cities in Mexico.

I want to combine dental treatment with vacation. How much time should I plan for the treatment? How many visits to the clinic will be required?

Colima and its surroundings are perfect for a little getaway. We encourage our patients to do some sightseeing, spa or language course in between their dental appointments. How many appointments you need depends on the treatment you chose, your personal predisposition and your arrangements with your dentist back home. We will tell you the necessary time frame for your specific treatment once we have sufficient information on your case and decided – together with you – on your personal treatment plan. From experience, most treatments without surgery can be completed within ten days approx. Either way, when planning your travel itinerary, please include a small time buffer: additional unforeseen appointments might be necessary, as each patient reacts differently to certain procedures.


Do you provide accommodation to your patients and their companions?

Colima offers accommodation for each and every taste. There are national and international chain hotels like Best Wastern, Wyndham Garden, Fiesta Inn, and traditional Colima haciendas like Hotel Boutique Hacienda del Gobernador and also simple guesthouses like Hostal La Parroquia. We gladly advise you what accommodation best fits your needs and expectations. We have also arranged special prices for our patients at several hotels, so make sure you ask us for help before booking.