Technological Resources


Panoramic Orthopantomography

Resource that allows us to obtain panoramic radiographs of great value to any dental diagnosis, it is fully digital which offers many advantages such as to facilitate sending the result to the patient via email or it can be printed at any time.

Being fully digital, the amount of radiation is far below the dose of radiation of conventional radiography.


Helical Tomograph

Because of its high cost and the very specific facilities it requires, this type of scan is available only in large hospitals. Among the advantages of having a study like this, we can see a three-dimensional maxillofacial and dental anatomical structures important for planning surgeries, mainly in implant surgeries, in trauma, diseases, etc. The helical scan unlike the cone beam tomography allows us to perform a study with greater detail and accuracy.

You can access to a maxillofacial tomography with a preferred cost, due to an arrangement provided with the Puerta de Hierro Medical Center Colima.


Operating Rooms

If you need major surgery or would like to do any other cosmetic surgical procedure, we have direct access to operating rooms at the Puerta de Hierro Medical Center Colima, and we also have access to the staff of certified doctors in various specialties.


Sedation and Short-Stay Surgery

In our own offices we can perform your procedure under IV sedation because we have all the facilities for it, and the support of certified anesthesiologists who can carefully monitor the process.


Clinical Photography

Because of our passion for photography, we have the photographic equipment to perform Digital Smile Design. We can document step by step the treatment or simply have an excellent picture of before and after treatment.


Ultrasound (Acteon , Satelec)

We have the latest generation ultrasound, for smooth and painless removal of dental plaque and calculus.


With its ultrasonic generator and second generation hand piece, this Piezotome offers much power, it is only used in surgery and has no connection to conventional ultrasound.


Virtual Surgery Software (Nobel Clinician)

An easy solution for diagnosis, treatment planning and communication with the patient.

Sterilized Center

Our sterilized center meets the highest standards of hygiene and ensuring strict infection control.


Digital Radiography (Caresteam)

The digital X-ray allows us to get 100% digital images instantly with less radiation exposure than conventional radiography.


Dentalink (Virtual Agenda Platform)

Our modern virtual file and information system help us to keep better track of appointments, treatment plans, patient dental history, virtual images file, and make possible to send electronic information when you need it.