Payment Options


After the personal analysis, our team of dentists develop a personal treatment plan which has to be signed by the patient and dentist.

At this point, we require payment of 20% of the planned treatment costs as a non-refundable down-payment.

Payment for subsequent treatment steps (e.g. implant surgery, tooth extraction, placement of dentures) is due at the moment of delivery of the respective service.

An adjustment of the treatment plan over the course of the treatment period might result in an adjustment of the total treatment cost.

For your convenience we accept different payment methods

We encourage you to check availability of your preferred payment option with us beforehand to avoid surprises.

  • Credit/Debit Card: We accept cards with the Visa or Master Card logo as well as American Express.
  • Cash: AWe accept Mexican pesos (MXN) or US$.
  • Wire transfer: We also accept bank transfers. Please ask for details before starting the treatment.
  • PayPal: We accept virtual payment via PayPal.